New in feminists@law

Recently published in Vol 8, No 1 of feminists@law:

  • Kate Bedford and Andrea Shieber's photo essay, 'Regulating Everyday Gambling', stages a three-way dialogue between images, interview data and feminist academic analysis to reflect on the affective spaces and political economy of British bingo halls.
  • Siddharth Narrain reviews Bakshi, Jivraj and Posocco (eds), Decolonizing Sexualities (Counterpress, 2016). 

Previously published in Vol 7, No 2:


  • In a new contribution to our series 'Feminist perspectives on Brexit', Sarah Keenan considers 'identity politics' and property in the Trump/Brexit era. 
  • Starla Hargita critiques Australia's parental leave pay scheme and proposes a retemporalisation of care work in her article 'Australia's Parental Leave Pay Scheme: Temporal Disruption and "Genuine" Attachment to Waged Work'.
  • Papers by Karin van Marle, Samia Bano, Kcasey McLoughlin and Rosemary Hunter from the Diversity and Legal Reasoning workshop held at Queen Mary University of London on 23 November 2016.