New in feminists@law

Recently published in Vol 8, No 1 of feminists@law:

  • Special Issue on Engendering Political Settlements, a collection of papers produced by the Gender Theme of the Political Settlements Research Programme based at the University of Edinburgh. The collection is introduced by Catherine O'Rourke, and includes papers by Zahbia Yousuf and Sophia Close, Christine Bell and Kevin McNicholl, Zoe Marks, Jessica Doyle and Monica McWilliams, Catherine O'Rourke, and Fiona Mackay and Cera Murtagh.

Previously published in Vol 8, No 2 of feminists@law:

  • Gina Heathcote and Arlie Loughnan present a special section celebrating 20 years since the publication of Nicola Lacey's Unspeakable Subjects: Feminist Essays in Legal and Social Theory (1998). The collection consists of an Introduction by Heathcote and Loughnan, short reflections by Sharon Cowan and Emily Jackson, longer reflections by Irene Gedalof, Insa Koch and Arlie Loughnan, articles by Chiara Cooper and Gina Heathcote, and a response by Niki Lacey.
  • Mairead Enright provides a personal reflection on the process and outcome, the achievements and disappointments of abortion law reform in Ireland following the repeal of the 8th Amendment to the Irish Constitution.
  • Emily Grabham presents a curated email conversation between herself, Emma Cunliffe, Stacy Douglas, Sarah Keenan, Renisa Mawani and Amade M'charek which explores relationships between time, law and social ordering.