feminists@law, Vol.3, No.1 (2013)

Michelle Weldon-Johns, 'Modern Workplaces and Modern Families: Revising the Work-Family Concept'

This is an audio recording of Michelle Weldon-Johns's paper delivered as part of the 'Families and Work' theme at the SLSA Annual Conference, University of York, 27 March 2013. The paper argues that government policy on balancing work and family lives needs to move away from its focus on traditional male breadwinner and dual breadwinner families to embrace a wider understanding of the family. The conference theme was organised by the Families and Work Network (FAWN), and further information can be found on the FAWN website.

Dr Michelle Weldon-Johns is a Lecturer in the Law Division, Dundee Business School, University of Abertay Dundee.


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