feminists@law, Vol.3, No.1 (2013)

Emily Grabham, 'Passing the Buck: Unpaid Care, Precarious Work and the Children and Families Bill 2013'

This is an audio recording of Emily Grabham's paper delivered as part of the 'Families and Work' theme at the SLSA Annual Conference, University of York, 27 March 2013. The paper outlines preliminary findings from her three-year, ESRC-funded project on the experiences of female precarious workers in managing work and care, focusing on legal gaps in work-life balance provision which remain unaddressed in the Children and Families Bill. The conference theme was organised by the Families and Work Network (FAWN), and further information can be found on the FAWN website.

Dr Emily Grabham is a Senior Lecturer in the Kent Law School, University of Kent.


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