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Visit Phan Thiet

"Viet Nam" (2017-01-07)

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The natural beauty of the dunes Bau Trang captivates those who miss coming here. White has two lakes Bau Bau wide and Bau Ba He, with a pile of white sand separates the two lakes. Lotus season covered the lake a lake the color of the shower should be called Bau Sen, here there are rich ecosystems such as carp, catfish, grass carp... The lake is surrounded by slopes white sand and sand dunes undulating wavy dark. To explore and conquer the desert at Bau Trang in Phan Thiet as motor vehicles running on the sand and boats to explore the vast water surface. Zoom motor vehicles on dunes to experience all the beauty of the towering sand or sitting up yacht floating on the lake to immerse yourself in the fragrant lotus flavor and feel peaceful space, tranquility and see individual fish swimming around in the lake. Cool water brings calm blue eyes seemed to help ward off the lake the burning heat of the desert. Wind through casuarina pines mixed in the same language stirs water create amazing sounds. "Lonely tree" on the desolate hills sunny and windy location is that people have had to phượt photography check - in

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