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Reasons Why People Ignore Your Emails

"Erika Clarke" (2017-01-30)

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  1. There is No Previous Rapport


Approaching someone that you have never met or spoken to and asking for some sort of request will very rarely see any sort of response. That is, unless you are offering something of great value for your recipient.


Make sure you build a connection with the person before you ask them to make a deal with you and continue to build your rapport over time. This can be achieved through the email itself, by setting up a meeting face to face, social media interactions, or simply writing constructive blog comments on their website(just like just to give you a few examples.


Depending on the individual status of the recipient, it may take a little extra work and time to develop a relationship before you send your email. But in the end, it is worth it because they will be more likely to respond.


  1. Too Much Effort


It is often seen that responses do not get the chance they deserve because senders make it way too hard or too tedious for the recipients to do so.


As a sender, you will need to make it as easy as you possibly can for your recipient to understand exactly what you’re talking about and/or what steps they will need to take next.


Just be sure you make it clear, easy, and let the recipients know what you expect them to do. Whether it be filling out a form, following a link, or simply responding to the email, make it known.


  1. No Foreseen Value


Even though this was mentioned earlier, this one is very important to the overall success of your email. Before you hit the sent button, be sure that what you are sending will provide or demonstrate actual value or even the potential for value to your recipients.

 What you offer will need to be interesting and/or useful to the person or people you are sending it to. Otherwise, it will end up straight in the bin.

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