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Menstrual cups - Green Your Period

"Tiffany" (2016-10-11)

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Is it that time of the month again? Buy menstrual cups for a green, sustainable period and future. Why not give the environmentally friendly alternative to tampons and pads a go.

An increasing awareness to the environment and women's health has led to an increase in the manufacturing of reusable and environmentally friendly menstrual cups. Not only are these green products safe for the environment, but they also hold sustainable benefits for women's health. While there are some disadvantages to buying menstrual products online, there are many more advantages and sustainable benefits to buying menstrual cups including green product selection, convenience and price.

Menstrual Cups for a greener period: 

Making the shift towards an environmentally-friendly menstrual cup can help improve your period and help you live a green life overall, and it's also a major boost to the world around you. The menstrual cup is a reusable device inserted into the vagina that collects menstrual blood during menstruation. It is made out of medical grade silicone rubber – the rubber is biocompatible, hich means that it is not harmful to living tissue, Green, hypo allergic, latex- free and odourless.

Menstrual cups may be more expensive than a packet of pads or tampons, however they will save you money in the long run as you will no longer need to stock up on tampons or pads each month.

Tracey Paulson, stockist of the Luna menstrual cup, has been using the cup for three years.

"It is way better than a tampon and an easy way to green your period; it is convenient and easy to use. It collects rather than absorbs fluid which is more natural. It can be used by any women of any age. An increasing number of women in the are now using it - it is economical, environmentally friendly and healthier to use," says Tarcey.

Inserting and removing the menstrual cup will require some practice. Cleaning the cup is easy and should be done with water and a fragrance-free soap. To sterilise the cup, simply boil it in water for three to four minutes.

*Sharon Davies has been using the Mooncup for sixteen months. "I never liked tampons or pads and was eager to go green and try something else on my period. The menstrual cup feels extremely comfortable once it's inserted you can't feel it. It feels more hygienic as the flow is caught in the cup. I like the idea more than a saturated wad of cotton. Compared to before I am not creating any waste. It is more hands on though, but after the second period I was used to it. Now I don't have to carry any pads or tampons with me anymore during my period, and no more hassle to get rid of pads or tampons in uncomfortable places," says Sharon.

What about cleaning out the cup in a public toilet?

"Most public toilets have a door you can close behind you. You can just wipe it clean, and even take a little bottle of water in with you and rinse it with water," says Sharon.

To go green on your next period there are a number of eco friendly menstrual cups available to buy in Canada and the UK, the Luna cup, the mooncup, and the Divacup which all come in two different sizes. The Luna cup is an imported product and can be purchased online.



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