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Fly to An Giang to visit Bung Binh Thien

"Viet Nam" (2017-01-10)

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An Giang is not only Tra Su cajeput forests, vast, Tri Ton district enrolled in the history books, but also the beauty of the largest freshwater lake in the Southwest region. A small corner of the snap Binh Thien, overly bright yellow flowers stand out on the red tones of sediment and green trees. Bung Binh Thien is one of the largest freshwater lake in the South West, located near the Cambodian border, the Binh Di River (An Phu, An Giang).
Bung Binh Thien Chau Doc city center about 35 km south Vietnam. If the boat ride, you go to the bus station and then take the bus to Chau Doc to. If motorcyclists or private car from the city center, you drive over the bridge Con Tien, according to provincial highway 956 to the town of An Phu, from here go about Khanh Binh border gate, to the intersection Quoc Thai, turning left 2 km to the next roundabout God and especially you will not need a visa to Vietnam for entry and visit this place.
 It is tied to the legend of the general development camp here, drought, has professed Buddhist heaven and earth stabbed. A stream of water sprayed onto soil, long time, the lake flooded today. By year round blue water lake should be called snap Binh Thien (heaven lake). Bung Binh Thien turned over to the flooding season, make up the new breeze in the charming Western painting. here you will feel a sense of calm, cool space between the river and the blue of the sky. You can come to snap at any time of year, but the most interesting is still floating in the season. Meanwhile, the water surface area has multiplied snap compared to the other months of the year.
 Bung Binh Thien lake substantially, so the only means to discover the boat. In lap journey commands to flip, friends outside the house, cages, natural landscape, the bright yellow flower clusters cork. You discover the fresh pink lotus flowers are blooming. Also nearby are some of the flowers bright yellow sun shy. Yellow flowers in red blends of alluvial, coastal blue snapped trees that you can not help but think of the phrase "I saw the yellow flowers on the green grass."
 Spiritual fishing nets, cork cotton picking are popular activities in the flooding season. The spread, or manually remove the whale was struggling in the net will make you unforgettable. Come, learn about the lives of people living around flicking Care. Enjoy the Mas Jid Khoy mosques with domes Ri Yah garlic lamb frequented filthy rhythms of prayer; limpid eyes of a child; Take the beauty of young girls. Around snap with shops selling local food. The dishes you should try here in flood season should be flexible fish dishes, cork cotton, Cham's dishes, beef jaggery cake.

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