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Bio Statement A THING OF CRAZY! More details about FIFA 19 are unveiled

EA Sports decided to reveal some surprises that will bring FIFA 19, a video game that aims to dethrone the PES 2019.

EA Sports did it again. In this opportunity, the videogame company based in Canada decided to reveal more details that will bring FIFA 19 hack for coins, the most anticipated game in this second semester. Thousands of netizens count the days from now in order to live football to the fullest.

This Tuesday, EA Sports published a new trailer for FIFA 19, where you can see a new system of touches, definition, gambas, and feints. FIFA 19 Hack Deutsch In this compact of video, the most used dribble of Neymar and a masterful 'chalaca' of Kylian Mbappé is visualized. 

The wait is long. Although only two months remain until the official launch of FIFA 19, netizens already want to try EA Sports' new bet. Unlike the last version, where there were some 'bugs' in the plays, this time the company has decided to correct the errors.

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Also, implement new tactics and customized techniques. It is even speculated that the changes can be made in the middle of the game without having to pause, however, this is still an unknown. As you know, FIFA 19 will be available from September 28, but you can already reserve now to play with three days in advance of its official release date.


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The last time Lionel Messi appeared on the cover of the video game was in FIFA 16.