feminists@law, Vol 4, No 1 (2014)

The Contribution of Feminism to Contemporary Public Debates About Law

Nicola Barker, Sinéad Ring, Maria Drakopoulou and Rosemary Hunter*

This is an audio recording of a panel session at the Kent Critical Law Society Conference, 'The Society of Control: Interrogating Law, Governance and Regulation', held on 1-2 March 2014 in Keynes College, University of Kent. The panel, titled 'The Contribution of Feminism in Contemporary Public Debates about Law', featured three speakers.

Nicola Barker spoke on 'Feminism, Family and the Politics of Austerity' (commencing at 1.10). The powerpoint slides accompanying her presentation are provided alongside this audio file.

Sinéad Ring spoke on 'The Pernicious Nature of Rape Myths and How They Continue to Affect Rape Prosecutions' (commencing at 16.30).

Maria Drakopoulou spoke on 'Feminism, Tradition and the Question of Sexual Violence' (commencing at 41.00).

Rosemary Hunter acted as discussant, commenting on all three papers (commencing at (1.05.38).

The speakers are introduced at the beginning by Serena Natile.



*All four speakers are members of the Law School, Univerrsity of Kent, UK. Email N.J.Barker@kent.ac.uk; S.Ring@kent.ac.uk; M.Drakopoulou@kent.ac.uk; R.C.Hunter@kent.ac.uk.