The Law of Social Reproduction


  • Maria Rosaria Marella



My argument in this paper is that the law has a critical impact on structuring the subalternity of social reproduction. Namely that the hierarchical order in the production/reproduction relation depends on the marginality of the legal field to which the legal recognition of social reproduction is entrusted: family law. In particular, I claim that the way in which family law constructs the core of reproductive labor, i.e. care and housework performed for free for spouse, children, elderly parents, disabled members of the family and the like, represents the matrix of the inequalities that arise from the marginalisation of social reproduction in the public discourse.

Author Biography

Maria Rosaria Marella

Department of Law, University of Roma Tre, Italy.


11-12-2023 — Updated on 13-12-2023


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Marella, M. R. (2023). The Law of Social Reproduction. Feminists@law, 12(2). (Original work published December 11, 2023)



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