Welcome to the second issue of feminists@law

  • Rosemary Hunter Kent Law School
  • Donatella Alessandrini Kent Law School
  • Stacy Douglas Kent Law School
  • Yvonne Rigby Kent Law School
  • Gauri Nanayakkara Kent Law School
Keywords: editorial, feminists@law, feminist judgment


We are proud to present the second issue of feminists@law. Our first piece in this issue is Madhumanti Mukherjee’s alternative feminist judgment in the Indian Supreme Court case of Sakshi v. Union of India. The issue will develop over the next few months to include papers on Nordic Feminist Perspectives, Feminist Engagements with the Commons, and Latin American Feminism and Constitutionalism. We will also be publishing new articles and video material. We hope you enjoy the issue.

Author Biographies

Rosemary Hunter, Kent Law School
Donatella Alessandrini, Kent Law School
Stacy Douglas, Kent Law School
Yvonne Rigby, Kent Law School
Gauri Nanayakkara, Kent Law School
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