The Beginning of a New Era? Thinking About Feminism, Law and Being Left Alone

  • Sari Kouvo Gothenburg University
Keywords: Dianne Otto, Afghanistan, women's rights, legal change, activism


Reflections on activism, law and change in Afghanistan in light of Dianne Otto's scholarship.

Author Biography

Sari Kouvo, Gothenburg University
Sari Kouvo is associate professor and lecturer at the Department of Law at Gothenburg University and Co-director of the Afghanistan Analysts Network. She is an international lawyer with a focus on human rights, transitional justice, rule of law, justice reform and gender.

She has previously worked as Policy officer at the European External Action Service (2014-2016), Head of Program at the International Centre for Transitional Justice (2007-2011), researcher at Amnesty International (2007), Human Rights and Rule of Law Adviser to the EU Special Representative for Afghanistan (2004-2006) and lecturer at Gothenburg University (1999-2004).

Sari holds an associate professor degree and doctorate in International Law from Gothenburg University (Sweden). She has held visiting fellowships at the NATO Defense College (Italy), Kent University (UK), Abo Academy (Finland) and the Australian National University.

Sari has published extensively on Afghanistan, international law and gender-related subjects.
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