Brexit Logics: Myth and Fact - A Black Feminist Analysis

  • Sweta Rajan-Rankin University of Kent
Keywords: Black feminism, Brexit, racism, xenoracism, nationalism, whiteness


On June 24, 2016, the UK voted to leave the European Union in a landmark referendum result. The ‘Brexit’ vote along with Trump’s presidential election in America, the Turkish referendum, the French election and the rise in far-right groups more globally, have been underpinned by certain populist ‘logics’. This comment seeks to agitate these Brexit logics through a Black Feminist perspective that refocuses current debates on power and the intersectional politics of gender, race and class.

Author Biography

Sweta Rajan-Rankin, University of Kent
Senior Lecturer in Social Work, School of Social Policy, Sociology and Social Research, University of Kent, UK.
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Rajan-RankinS. (2017). Brexit Logics: Myth and Fact - A Black Feminist Analysis. feminists@law, 7(2).
Feminist Perspectives on Brexit