Marian Duggan (ed.), Revisiting the 'ideal victim': Developments in critical victimology, Policy Press: Bristol 2018

  • Jamie Grace Sheffield Hallam University
Keywords: Human rights, domestic violence, immigration, women, prisons, hate crime, sexual abuse, LGBT


The book contains insightful chapters on the concept of the 'ideal victim' in relation to, for example: hate crime victims generally; Muslim women who wear the veil; LGB/T women; female sex worker victims; migrants; survivors of childhood sexual abuse; victims of domestic violence; elderly rape victims; online fraud victims; and male prisoners as victims. The book explores, particularly, why too many victims of crime, and particularly too many female victims of sexual offending and crimes such as domestic abuse in its many forms, are treated as 'non-ideal' victims, and suffer a loss of dignity, respect, and any proper avenue to justice as a result.
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