The need for an AI Bill of Rights through the case of the metaverse


  • Stefanos Kyprianou
  • Riya Bhattacharya
  • Mauro Pucheta


The development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a pivotal point in the history of technological development. The efficiency of AI algorithms in completing tasks makes them valuable for businesses and institutions which seek solutions to reduce the cost and time of processes or enhance their monetisation systems and results. However, the power of these algorithms raises concerns regarding their exploitation or employment for nefarious purposes. Considering that AI is being employed as a primary tool in technological advancements such as the virtual reality/metaverse, governing the use of AI is arguably essential to prevent the exacerbation of existing AI-related issues and protect citizens. Thus, governments and institutions are currently drafting regulatory frameworks to govern their use while also balancing their priorities.  More particularly, after BREXIT, the UK places innovation and growth at the forefront of their national strategies on AI. This could undermine the protection of human rights. Hence, this essay will support the need for an AI bill of Rights that facilitates safe innovation and place human rights at the forefront. It will illustrate the need by examining potential risks and concerns that arise from the use of AI in the metaverse. Initially, an assessment will be conducted on the National AI strategy, which illustrates the UK’s pro-innovation approach for AI regulation. Then, the focus will turn to the human-centred approaches other jurisdictions support, such as the US AI bill of rights. Subsequently, the need for a UK AI bill of rights will be exemplified through the potential effects of the use of AI in the metaverse. The essay will notably examine the effects of using AI in the metaverse for monitoring and manipulating users. Eventually, the need for an AI bill of rights will be evident through the examined effects on citizens.

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Riya Bhattacharya




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