About the Journal

Journal Statement

Transmotion is a biannual, fully and permanently open-access journal inspired by the work of Gerald Vizenor. Transmotion publishes new scholarship focused on theoretical, experimental, postmodernist, and avant-garde writing produced by Native American and First Nations authors, as well as book reviews on relevant work in Vizenor Studies and Indigenous Studies.

ISSN: 2059-0911

Publication Frequency

Transmotion publishes at least two issues per year.


The aim of the journal is to provide a space for cutting-edge thinking to reach its maximum audience. We believe that it is simply wrong to make money from scholarship ultimately intended to aid Indigenous survivance. As such, we will never charge an article processing fee, nor will we charge for subscriptions, nor will we charge for access to our archives.  Our model is diamond open access publishing

Peer Review 

Transmotion operates a double-blind peer review policy. All academic articles will be evaluated by at least one peer reviewer who is unaware of the writer's identity. At least two such reviews will be required for the approval of articles submitted directly to the journal. We are aware that there may be issues with the peer review process for articles that involve specific uses of traditional Indigenous knowledges. If you believe that your article may be affected by such an issue please contact the editors in the first instance.