Ancestral Demon of a Grieving Bride (Sy Hoahwah)


  • Hannah V Warren University of Georgia



In this place-oriented collection, Hoahwah forces the reader to reconcile the blurring of assumed borders between natural and unnatural, life and death, and more as he defines the hybrid body/bodies of the speaker against and within liminal landscapes: “I sat here long enough / to become an altar / where the abandoned monsters come to pray” (24). Pulling from epic and Gothic traditions, Hoahwah’s new collection of poetry allows us brief visions of an impossibly shifting narrator—one we must trust fully as we follow the speaker to the outskirts of town, down a logging trail, and into Hell, itself.




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Warren, H. V. (2021). Ancestral Demon of a Grieving Bride (Sy Hoahwah). Transmotion, 7(2), 194–197.