Going Home


  • Kim Shuck




Oklahoma, Cherokee, Family, road trip


The notion that 'you can never go home again' may well be true for some. When examined through the lens of an hyphenate Ani yun wiya identity, however, it may become clear that some will find themselves at home, some may work to get home, but either way respect requires allowing home to be what it has become. After the last five hundred years, the changes of a handful of decades are hardly a game ender. Even in this altered light home might recognize the traveler.

Author Biography

Kim Shuck

KIM SHUCK is a poet and bead artist who has been published and shown in Asia, South America and Europe as well as all over North America. Born in her mother’s hometown of San Francisco, Shuck had a very good seat from which to view the events of both late 60s/early 70s hippy/post hippy scene and the Red Power Movement. Kim cut her teeth on poetry readings that included Carolee Sanchez, Paula Gunn Allen and John Trudell as well as various beat poets. She is the winner of the 2005 Diane Decorah award for her 2006 collection Smuggling Cherokee. She spent some years on the board of directors for California Poets in the Schools and has taught poetry from the elementary school level to the university level. Her most recent collection of poems is Clouds Running In from Taurean Horn Press.




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