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  • Crisosto Apache Red Rocks COmmunity College Rocky Mountain College of Art & Design



Native American, Poetry, Mescalero Apache


This work is an excerpt from a book long poem. The poem's emphasis utilizes a collision as metaphor to illustrate a moment lasting as memory. The collision examines time, and place where an event can happen, has happened, and will happen. This occurrence maps this event, which has a lasting effect to memory and the people involved. The difficulty in this poetic composition remains a difficult subject because the inspirational incident used in this poem is the death of my younger brother in a fatal car accident. This work is very important to me and my examination of memorial writing. 

Author Biography

Crisosto Apache, Red Rocks COmmunity College Rocky Mountain College of Art & Design

Crisosto Apache is a Mescalero / Chiricahua Apache and Diné (Navajo), Salt Clan born for Towering House Clan, from New Mexico, USA. He is an alumnus from IAIA (AFA 1992 / MFA 2015) and Metropolitan State University of Denver (BA, 2013) for English Writing and Creative Writing. He teaches at several colleges in the Denver Metro in Colorado. He currently lives Lakewood, Colorado with his spouse of 17 years. His public work includes Native LGBTQI / ‘two spirit’ advocacy, board membership, and online poetry editorials.

Some of Crisosto’s work is published in Black Renaissance Noiré, Yellow Medicine Review (2013/2015), Denver Quarterly (Pushcart Prize Nominee 2014), Toe Good Poetry, Hawaii Review, Cream City Review Plume Anthology, Common Place, Tending the Fire, by Christopher Felver, and American Indian Culture & Research Journal (ACRJ). Crisosto also appeared on MTV’s Free Your Mind (1993) ad campaign for poetry.

Crisosto has book reviews for the Native American Anthology Visit Tee-Pee Town (Coffee House Press 1999), published in the Poetry Project publication, Issue 175, June 1999.




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