The Stains of Burden and Dumb Luck (Carolyn Dunn)

  • Kelli Pyron Alvarez University of Oklahoma
Keywords: Native American Poetry, Indigenous Poetry


Carolyn Dunn's collection of poetry contains sseveral themes, including space, place, and time, through which the reader is able to take a journey to the Ancestors and map their own memories and emotions, while Dunn does the same for herself. Readers take a journey with her and alongside her, as her poetry navigates ideas essential to her Indigenous worldview.

Author Biography

Kelli Pyron Alvarez, University of Oklahoma
Kelli is an instructor for the First Year Composition program at the University of Oklahoma and has a Masters in Native American Studies and a Masters in English.
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Pyron AlvarezK. (2018). The Stains of Burden and Dumb Luck (Carolyn Dunn). Transmotion, 4(2), 241-243.