Critical Disability Studies and the State


  • Dinesh Wadiwel


Liat Ben-Moshe’s Decarcerating Disability: Deinstitutionalization and Prison Abolition, and Linda Steele’s Disability, Criminal Justice and Law: Reconsidering Court Diversion offer distinct critical perspectives on the law and by extension, the State. This essay offers some reflections on the implications for future research in Critical Disability Studies on the State and its relation to disability. Here it is argued that there is scope for a widened analysis of, firstly, what exactly the State is from the perspective of disability; secondly, the distinct role of the State in participating in the construction of disability as a form of social oppression; and finally, the tactical problem posed by the State, as both agent of violence against people with disability and a potential vehicle for structural change.

Author Biography

Dinesh Wadiwel

University of Sydney, Sydney, Australia.



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Decarcerating Disability, Criminal Justice and Law