Gendered Political Settlements and Peacebuilding: Mapping Inclusion in Practice

  • Zahbia Yousuf Saferworld
  • Sophia Close Conciliation Resources
Keywords: political settlements, practice-based research, gender, inclusion, peacebuilding, research methods


This paper looks at practice-research methods used by Conciliation Resources (CR), an international peacebuilding organisation, as part of the Political Settlements Research Project. Between 2015 and 2017, Conciliation Resources and its partners convened three learning workshops in Nepal, Colombia, and Bougainville. The workshops ‘tested’ understandings of political settlements in conflict-affected contexts, with a specific focus on gender, through participatory practice-based research. The paper explores how co-learning approaches were developed and designed between CR and its partners: including how questions of inclusion, gender and political settlements were adapted to specific contexts; the approaches and methods developed; and the challenges and potential for research to influence peacebuilding practice. It also provides a critical reflection on the processes and outcomes of co-learning between international and local partners.

Author Biographies

Zahbia Yousuf, Saferworld
Senior Research Advisor at Saferworld, UK.
Sophia Close, Conciliation Resources
Senior Adviser, Gender and Peacebuilding at Conciliation Resources, UK.
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YousufZ., & CloseS. (2019). Gendered Political Settlements and Peacebuilding: Mapping Inclusion in Practice. feminists@law, 9(1).
Engendering Political Settlements