Focus and Scope

ISSN: 2059-3198

The AJPP has a specific remit for contemporary work which addresses transdisciplinary/ multiprofessional work-related enquiry into practice. Applications of new knowledge, technology, discussion, research or practice-based innovation or reflection are particularly welcome. The journal allows for the sharing of experiences and gold standard professional practice.

All those working in a professional role are required to extend their knowledge and skills. This journal enables the bringing together of those skills in a transdisciplinary capacity. Across all sectors of Health and non-Health, Education, Business, Human Resources, Administration, Law, Politics and so on, there is a growing need for more collaboration between professionals, agencies, providers and above all, with the people they seek to serve. The remit of this journal is to share and learn by analogy.

The journal offers: 

A global arena for disseminating outcome measure implementation, experiences and best practices.

An international forum for the conveyance of knowledge on how to measure and report upon key and robust outcomes that matter to professionals and their clients.

A portal for the sharing of collaborative tools used by professionals and organisations experienced in measuring successes and adapting to new methods of practice.

A published evidence base on the impact of implementing comprehensive and client/ professional group-focused, practice-based outcome measurement.

The significant challenge is how to create, within the existing and future workforce, the capability to work in transdisciplinary teams capable of effective collaboration; or for the sharing of skills and knowledge amongst peers. The development of such capability necessitates changes in how we prepare that workforce. This journal offers a portal of reference for collaborative professional practitioners to share their experiences and knowledge with colleagues within their own profession, as well as by analogy to other professions.

As such, we will look for submissions that do any of the following:

  • Offer a critical discussion of any area of contemporary professional practice
  • Describe applications of research findings, innovation or other initiative to an area of professional practice, particularly which might be considered and applied by analogy to other disciplines
  • Bring together transdisciplinary activities in relation to professional practice
  • Explore the inter-relationship of professional practice
  • Contribute to recent developing conversations within professional practice
  • Offer surprising, unexpected and creative innovations within a professional practice context
  • Have an emphasis on a professional work-related application
  • NOTE TO ACADEMICS: If the subject matter is related to professional practice or work-based enquiry, then submissions will be accepted from undergraduate and postgraduate students from all faculties across the University, to offer them a portal for publishing their dissertation findings. The student must have received a distinction grade, or if merit, have a supervisor's letter of recommendation submitted to the editorial board.

Peer Review Process

Submissions to the AJPP will undergo a blind peer review process by two reviewers. We rely on experts for candid but fair advice in our review process. Referees assess the originality and the literary/ scholarly merit of a submission's argument. We operate a 'double-blind' refereeing process whereby author(s) and reviewers never know each other's identities. 

Open Access Policy

This journal provides immediate open access to its content on the principle that making research freely available to the public supports a greater global exchange of knowledge.

Journal History

Inspiration for this journal stems from the recognition that whilst there is an expanding field of transdisciplinary professional practice integration of work-related innovation, there lacks a specific transdiciplinary academic reference point.