Vol 2, No 1 (2012)

Table of Contents

Latin American Feminism and Constitutionalism

Introduction WORD PDF HTML
Kate Bedford
The Neo-Constitutionalism of the Latin American Left: The Case of the Resistance Front of Honduras WORD PDF HTML
Breny Mendoza
Of Neo-Constitutionalisms, Lefts and (De)Colonial Struggles: Thoughts from the Andes in Conversation with Breny Mendoza WORD PDF HTML
Catherine Walsh
Intimate Governmentalities, the Latin American Left, and the Decolonial Turn WORD PDF HTML
Amy Lind
Violence and Neo-constitutionalism: A Comment on Breny Mendoza’s Text WORD PDF HTML
Julieta Lemaitre
Response to Julieta Lemaitre, Amy Lind, and Catherine Walsh WORD PDF HTML
Breny Mendoza
Notes on Contributors WORD PDF HTML
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Gender Equality and Othering in the Swedish Welfare State

Introduction: Gender Equality and Othering in the Swedish Welfare State WORD PDF HTML
Maria Drakopoulou, Margaret Davies
Gender Equality in the Swedish Welfare State WORD PDF HTML
Eva-Maria Svensson, Asa Gunnarsson
Power and Normality in Paratransit – Individual Autonomy in Welfare State Law WORD PDF HTML
Andreas Pettersson
Constructions of Normality and the Boundaries of Social Citizenship – Solo Mothers in the Swedish Welfare Model WORD PDF HTML
Lena Wennberg
A Gender Perspective on Flexicurity and the Swedish Employment Protection Act WORD PDF HTML
Carin Ulander-Wanman
Immigrant Women Facing Male Partner Violence – Gender, Race and Power in Swedish Alien and Criminal Law WORD PDF HTML
Monica Burman
Swedish Gender Equality for Trafficked Women? Radical Official Remedies and Ethnic Otherness WORD PDF HTML
Asa Yttergren
Persecution on Account of One’s Gender: Refugee Status or Status Quo? WORD PDF HTML
Eva Nilsson


The Polish Catholic Church and the Regulation of IVF in Poland: Polarised Political Discourses and the Battle over ‘Proper’ Reproduction WORD PDF HTML
Dorota Anna Gozdecka

Labour, Value and Precarity in the Age of Austerity

Introduction to the Lecture Series
Donatella Alessandrini
Social Reproduction of Human Beings: A Feminist Perspective HTML
Antonella Picchio


Persons and Property HTML
Margaret Davies

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